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What our clients said about getting permanent hair removal

I understand that it can be hard to know who to trust with something as personal as body hair removal - especially if you want more private areas worked on.

We work hard in my Toronto hair removal clinic to make sure that you feel comfortable and that the process is as painless as possible. To help ease your mind, here is what some of our previous clients have said about our electrolysis service....

"I'm so happy with what HairEnder has done for me and would recommend anyone who is frustrated with facial hair to seek permanent results with you."

Mrs. Cindy G. of Thornhill

"When I first considered electrolysis, I had been waxing the sides of my face for about two years. I thought waxing was cheaper but when I saw the consequences, I knew the long term benefits from an investment in electrolysis, far outweight the costs."

Ms. H. Levy of Toronto

"I decided to try electrolysis because the hair on the nape of my neck bothered me. I kept shaving the area and found that within a couple of days, it would again have a 'shadowy' appearance... Now that the area is nearly permanently cleared, I am continuing with hairEnder to shape my brows and clear the hair on my shoulders and arms."

Mr. D.I. of Downsview

"Before (electrolysis) it was necessary for me to wax my face every week and spend time every day tweezing. This caused pimples and discolouration, and I was always self-conscious and never felt good about my appearance... I'm sorry I didn't do this years ago."

Mrs. Pearl E. of Willowdale

"Until I found you, I didn't realize that hair removal could be comfortable instead of painful, and that I did not have to put up with pimples on my face after treatment.

Even though I initially only wanted my facial hair dealt with, I have felt so comfortable with you that I've since done my underarms and I'm now working on my legs. I love the results! Thanks for doing what you do so well."

Ms. Anna L. of Toronto

... many people bring to my attention the facial hair on others. It makes me wonder how many people talked about my facial hair (before electrolysis).

Mrs. M. Shugar of Toronto

"The idea of not having to shave ever again is just great, and I really find it worth the time and money, thanks!"

Ms. Fil B. of Toronto

I hope this gives you a good idea of the satisfaction level of our clients. To experience permanent hair removal for yourself, please book your consultation.

If you have any questions, or would like to send us feedback on your own experience, please contact hairEnder electrolysis, Toronto.

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