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Brazilian Wax Job

is it a Brazilian Wax Job or Electrolysis?

It seems like it's all the rage now doesn't it?
Getting a Brazilian wax job just sort of sounds like the thing to do right now.

And it's not hard to see why.

After all, you'll end up with silky smooth skin beneath that sexy bikini that you just love to wear.

And, for a lot of people it's not just the look. It's also a way to feel sexy too.

If you've not had a Brazilian wax job before though, you should be prepared for a different kind of hair removal experience.

And, by the way, it's not for the squeamish

This is what it usually means to get a Brazilian - hot wax will be applied to one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It will be allowed to be cool for a moment, and then someone will grab an edge of that congealing wax, and quickly pull if off - with the hope that your pubic hair will have become embedded in the wax and be ripped out of your skin.

A Bikini Wax Job can look great... until... it grows back.

Sound painful?

Well, sorry, but it is.

It's not just one pull either. Each section of your genital area will get the hot wax - rip out hair procedure.

There is no guarantee that the first attempt of pubic hair removal will work. There is always the possibility that certain areas will need more than one application of hot wax to pull out all the hairs. Pubic hair tends to be thick, with deep roots, so it's not hard to see why it would be hard to remove and painful.

And did I mention that this is NOT a permanent bikini hair removal method?

That's right. You get to go through the painful process over and over again.

Show me a Brazilian Wax video

You may think that I'm exaggerating the pain aspect. But I'm not.

The waxing hair removal method is a bit painful by nature, but when you're dealing with sensitive genital area hair removal, then the pain intensity is greater.

Check out these Brazilian videos of women and male Brazilian wax videos to see what I mean.

You can see that although It's relatively quick to remove the hair in each section, there is also usually a bit of tingling after.

Please take your personal pain threshold into consideration before you consider a Brazilian wax job.

There are some differences in terminology that you should be aware of before you book your first appointment too. You may have heard the term "full Brazilian" or sometimes "total Brazilian".

Most hair removal specialists consider a Brazilian wax treatment to be hair removalof the frontal pubic area. A "full Brazilian" generally means that all pubic hair is removed. Not everyone wants a full Brazilian, and not all hair removal specialists offer it. So, best to ask to be sure before you commit.

How long the effects of a Brazilian wax treatment will last for you depends entirely on your own personal situation. If you are doing the 'traditional' Brazilian wax, then you need to remind yourself that the hair will grow back. Going for a quick Brazilian wax job may well get you through the vacation poolside however.

A brazilian wax job will make your bikini lie flat - for a while. If you like the look, go permanent with electrolysis!

If you want to maintain a Brazilian look, then you may want to consider other hair removal methods. Waxing does have its benefits, as does shaving, of course. But, for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the only way to go for getting a Brazilian look that lasts forever.

Using laser hair removal for getting the Brazilian look is also possible, and will result in a permanent hair reduction only. If this route appeals to you, be sure to assess how good a candidate you are for laser hair removal first. Also, assess the qualifications of the technician as well.

Whether you go for the traditional Brazilian wax job or for a more long-lasting Brazilian look, be sure that you have a good comfort level with the hair removal specialist that you'll be working with. Pubic hair removal is highly personal for most people, so you want to make sure that you have a good professional relationship with the person working on you.

If you're looking for avoid the ongoing pain and hassle of a wax job, but still want a permanent Brazilian look, come see us for a personal consultation. We can help you get the look you want once and for all.

Once your Brazilian wax job is complete, it's time to grab your bikini!

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