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Shaving Hair

Information and Tips

For most of us, shaving hair is our first introduction to removing unwanted body hair. It's the oldest form of hair removal there is, and for good reason.

male shaving tips and information

It's something we can do on our own with some basic shaving supplies - a razor, soap and water. But, as we quickly discovered, the easy way isn't necessarily the best way.

And getting a nice shave with a razor it isn't always as easy as it sounds either. Most of us have experienced the 'joy' of razor nicks or razor burn. A styptic pencil is still considered a necessary part of shaving supplies in many homes. Shave often enough, and you'll likely end up with razor rash or razor bumps too.

So it's little wonder that over time people have developed all sorts of shaving products to make the experience better, and to end up with a nice close shave.

Shaving Cream, Shaving Soaps, Shaving Oil and other pre-shave routines

Starting off with the right pre-shave routine is all part of the art of shaving hair. Shaving oil is probably the oldest pre-shave method, but it was replaced by the combination a soft shaving brush, a shaving mug, and shaving soap. While some people are still partial to using soap and a shaving mug for a classic shave, most people prefer the soap-free burma shave route, with shaving cream or shaving gel.

Some people prefer the hot towel shave, and even better when someone else does the work. For ultimate luxury, a great hot-towel barber shave is wonderful.

Whether you prefer a straight razor or typical handheld razor, all sorts of useful shaving products are now available to meet different conditions, even sensitive skin. Lectric Shave is probably the best known, but Aveeno is also a favorite.

Done deciding your pre-shave routine? Great! Now grab your favourite shaving supplies, your shaving mirror and you're off... to even more choices.

Razor or Electric Shaver?

female shaving tips and information

Choosing the best razor for your skin and body hair type has also become part of discovering the magic shave routine that works for you. In the pre-electric shave days, shaving razors variety centred on style - a straight razor knife favored for barber shaves or a japanese straight razor - both of which regularly need a razor strop to sharpen the thin razor blade.

Somewhere along the line though, someone developed the design for the modern day handheld razor, and most of us have never looked back. For even greater convenience, there are disposable razors for both men and women. The most famous are the Bic razors, but you can now find other brands as well.

At the other end of the spectrum, there has been an explosion of new technology to produce better razor blades, and better razors. Some can even hold up to 5 razor blades at a time. Talk about a close shave!

Favorites are the new double edged razors and the interesting Mach 3 razor blades. Gillette is one the leaders in developing new personal razors that show off the new technology.

Another new approach has been designing different shavers for different types of body hair. For instance, the Razorba back hair shaver is one interesting creation, and folks are now using a body shaver for chest hair removal - and elsewhere ;-) - as well as "personal shavers" that have been designed specifically for intimate shaves of genital hair removal. You can even find an eyebrow shaver for that sensitive area!

Electric Shavers

The electric shaver has revolutionized the world of shaving hair. While most people think of mens electric razor, womens electric shavers are also becoming quite popular for shaving hair on the legs especially.

There are a fabulous variety of great brands in shavers too: Remington, Phillips, Grundig, Norelco, Braun and Panasonic are among the best electric shavers in the market.

If you're looking for an electric shaver, take your time to do the research. There is actually quite a bit of difference between the different brands and models of electric razors available. Mens shavers tend to dominate the market, but you're also starting to see womens electric shavers designed specifically for female hair removal too.

You'll also find huge differences in design and even how to use them - the wet dry electric shaver is one example.

After Shave

A splash of after shave lotion or spray can complete your routine for shaving hair. It's also a good way to avoid irritation from razor rash or razor burn, since it can help close the pores and refresh the skin.

It's also a way to add a light scent, which a lot of people say is sexy. After shave for men is preferred over cologne for a lot of men. And there is a huge selection in the types of scented after shave available.

Old Spice and Mennen after shave are the best known classics, but more recently designer brands like Polo and Lagerfeld after shave have also become popular. It's a good idea to keep your eyes open and experiment to find what works best for you.

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