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Waxing Hair Removal

For a lot of people that get tired of shaving hair, waxing hair removal seems like the next best choice.

Unlike just cutting the hair, the way that shaving does, it actually pulls hairs out by the roots. You won't need to worry about dealing with unwanted body hair as often, and for a lot of people, that alone is a great reason to switch to waxing.

On the other hand, the pain factor is much greater than shaving hair too.

In essence, with waxing what you're doing is replacing the act of trying to tweeze one hair at a time with a wax that will pluck out many hairs at once. The idea is scrape on a swath of waxing strips over an area of unwanted hair, then quickly pull off the wax, hoping that the hairs will stick to the wax and be yanked out of your skin.

Usually a hot wax is used, since it has the added advantage of opening up the pores a bit, and is more pliable and easy to use. Cold waxing is also an option, though not as popular.

As you can imagine, any time you add heat to a process, you're adding risk too. Hot wax hair removal may end up resulting in burns, not only to the person receiving the waxing hair removal, but also for the person doing the wax job. Careful handling of the hair removal wax as well as its container are a must.

For women, waxing often begin with eyebrow waxing. The small area makes it a good candidate for people who just want to try out the process. Another favorite starting point for women waxing is the wax lip areas. Again, the small area and amount of hair are a good combination for this type of wax job.

Once you get comfortable with eye brow waxing or waxing uppper lip areas, then you'll be ready to try bigger areas, such as underarm or leg waxing. Male waxing is also becoming more popular too. For men, waxing back areas or waxing chest hair is appealing.

And for both sexes, there's been a huge trend lately towards waxing bikini area, waxing pubic hair and even genital waxing. Now that we're in sexy territory, you can bet that there has been a whole mini-industry that has sprung up to offer up different styles and versions of the bikini wax and waxing pubic hair. There's the French wax, the Hollywood wax and the very popular Brazilian wax job.

Most people still go to a hair removal specialist or waxing spas for their wax job, but with the growth of pubic hair removal, there's also been a growth in home waxing products too. You can now buy waxing strips, or a pot or wax for home hair removal. Better yet, try a waxing kit that provides all the tools you need.

Bikini waxing at home has obvious benefits in terms of privacy, but if you're going the route of home waxing kits, take extra care to avoid hair waxing problems like burns from dealing with wax that's too hot. Not to mention side effects of waxing at home such as burns from improper container handling or hot wax spills.

If you're new to the process, one of the best waxing tips I can offer is to watch a waxing video first, so that you have an idea of what's involved.

Whether you do your own waxing at home, or visit waxing spas, you may stil have to deal with other side effects of waxing hair removal too. The most common of which is skin bumps after waxing. It doesn't happen to everyone, but for some, waxing bumps can ruin the effect you're looking for - especially if you're removing facial hair.

So... bottom line?

Waxing does have its benefits - relatively low waxing prices, for instance. And the possibility for home hair removal. It will mean dealing with unwanted hair less often than shaving, and possibly even more than tweezing.

But.. It is painful. And, more importantly, it is NOT a permanent hair removal solution, so you'll be waxing for a long, long time.

For better, long term results in removing unwanted hair, you may want to consider alternatives to waxing hair removal methods instead.

Waxing hair removal doesn't even result in hair reduction, so lasor hair removal can at least achieve that - though of course up-front costs of laser hair removal are a big deterrant for a lot of people. And of course, you've also got to consider the potential dangers of laser hair removal too.

For permanent hair removal, your best choice is electrolysis. It's the best way to gradually get rid of unwanted hair for good. And the ability to spread out the cost of hair removal over a longer period is a huge benefit too. You can read more about that here.

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