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2nd degree burns with laser hair removal

by Catherine
(Ontario Canada)

I had a laser hair removal at Bare Image in Georgetown Ontario on my legs and underarms and the incompetent lady that did my treatment burned me all over with 2nd degree burns.

The pain was so severe that I could not work or sleep or wear anything on me.

It's been almost 3 weeks now and I felt better but all of the burns are still there, my doctor told me between 4 to 6 months to heal and maybe permanent scars


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Mia la maven- Santa Monica, CA
by: Anonymous

I've done laser hair removal for many years and decided to try my legs for the first time. The place I went to I be believed was reputable seeing as their reviews were great. I ended up being totally burned and in so much pain with bright red spots all over my legs. It's been a week and the spots are still there. I'm completely mortified and am going on a trip next week and have no idea how I'm going to cover these spots or heal them quickly. Does anyone have any remedies they used?

ok now?
by: Anonymous

Catherine are the burns any better?

good service
by: Anonymous

I have been going to Bare Image for two or three years now but getting the Electrolysis and never ever had a problem.

I am going thru this too right now
by: Anonymous

I am in a very simular situation and wonder as well about being compenstated. I am seeing my doctor which will be giving me a medical note to stay off work. I am so confused and cant beleive this is happening, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Laser Hair removal burns compensation?
by: David

Hi. Were you able to seek compensation for your burns?

can I please have the name of that lady
by: Anonymous


I am thinking to try for the first time the laser hair removal, and as I live in Georgetown, Ontario I came across your posting here that kind of scrared me off a bit.

Thank you,

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