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Laser Hair Removal Burns and Complaints

It sometimes happens... burns from laser hair removal so serious that it requires a dermatologist to repair the damage. In some cases results in laser hair removal lawsuits, and sometimes even makes the news.

It's one of the risks of laser hair removal services, and although it may never happen to you, it's wise to be aware of the possibility.

To the right you'll find any current news stories about laser burns, scars or related stories. From time to time, I'll summarize a news story for you below as well, so that there is a record that builds over time.

You'll also find stories of other problems with laser hair removal services. When laser hair removal dangers and other complaints hit the news, it will be reported here.

And you get to be reporter and editor too!

Have you experienced
laser hair removal burns?

If you have your own story about laser hair removal burns, scars or any other issues, you can add your story below.

It's important that we talk about the dangers of laser hair removal, to help others still considering this hair removal method.

For anyone thinking about whether laser hair removal is for them, it helps to know the whole story.

The more we talk openly about issues with laser hair removal services, the better for all of us!

Laser Hair Removal Burns

In the News Today


Did you have a bad experience with laser hair removal? Burns? Scars?

Do you have your own story about a bad experience with laser hair removal? Share it here!

Feel free to comment on another story you've seen here too...

What Other Visitors Have Said

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make good choice  
before making a decision to try laser hair removal method you should consider your skin color so you can choose the right clinic with the right type of …

Laser hair removal gone wrong 
SKN Worst experience ever-BURNS!!! I had laser removal on my legs at maida vale. During the treatment i told the nurse i was in extreme pain. She said …

Increase in facial hair after laser treatment 
You find very little written on increase in facial hair after laser treatment. Why is this devastating potential side effect not talked about more? …

Laser Hair Treatment to be banned in Dubai beauty establishments 
As stories of laser hair removal burns, scars and other problems continue to mount, Dubai has become the latest jurisdiction to severely restrict the practice …

Laser hair removal zapped my eye 
o.f.r.a. salon sunrise florida is not good for laser hair removal. The seven sessions I had over a six month process did not remove a single hair. …

My laser hair removal experience 
This was my laser hair removal experience with Wellsprings Spa in Richmond Hill: This place was absolutely horrible. I had purchased a package of 6 …

First Degree Burns from laser hair removal 
I live in Texas and have first degree burns from an unscrupulous laser hair removal studio. What kind of legal action can I take? Who can I complain …

Global Interview for laser hair removal burns or problems 
If you would like to tell your story on Global please contact me! Chris McGillen cmgillen@globaltv.com 416 446 5400

Painful burns and blisters from Elsa's in Burlington 
I got burns last year and now have permanent scars. I don't recommend Elsa's or laser hair removal to anyone, its not worth it. Very, very expensive …

I got burned from laser hair removal in Burlington 
I got badly burned during my second laser hair treatment. My spot test and first treatment went fine and the results were great. I thought my second …

Laser Hair Removal Burns leading to more lawsuits 
The National Law Journal reported that more and more people are suing due to burns from laser hair removal treatments. While medi-spas of all types …

Laser hair removal burns story
on ABC News
Image Source: http://a.abcnews.go.com/images/GMA/ht_frontoflegs_070306_ssh.jpg This image of extensive laser hair removal burns on legs was titled: …

Laser hair removal problems
- need help
I went for laser hair removal for my upper lip. The machine was a 'cool glide'. I was told that it is safe on people with dark skin. After my third …

2nd degree burns from
laser pubic hair removal
I just read the whole story about the awful experience "Fundi" had with laser pubic hair removal at East Coast Radio Consumer Watch Blog. Update: …

Laser hair removal burns reported at least monthly 
I just happened to come across this site allexperts.com, where someone gives expert advice on dealing with burns. The site is now closed, but this is …

2nd degree burns with laser hair removal 
I had a laser hair removal at Bare Image in Georgetown Ontario on my legs and underarms and the incompetent lady that did my treatment burned me all over …

Waste of my Money
(Laser Hair Removal)
I had a 2 year laser hair removal treatment at the Hair free laser clinic at the Bramalea City Centre, Brampton. Sad to say I spent thousands of dollars …

Laser burns on legs and bikini area 
I went to my doctors office who recently opened a laser spa. Originally the dr did the laser removal of legs and bikini. Then they hired a lady who apparently …

1 in 100 laser treatments go wrong!!! 
I was astounded when I saw the stats given by the UK Mirror story on their website (July 22nd, 2008).... "Around 340,000 laser treatments are currently …

Act on danger signs in laser hair removal 
There's an interesting story in the news about a woman by the name of Jonna Brandt, from Batavia, Illinois. Brandt has filed a lawsuit in May 2008, claiming …

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