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Act on danger signs in laser hair removal

by Anna

There's an interesting story in the news about a woman by the name of Jonna Brandt, from Batavia, Illinois. Brandt has filed a lawsuit in May 2008, claiming extensive damage from burns received from a hair removal treatment using intense pulsed light, more commonly referred to as IPL.

According to the story from the Kane County Chronicle, the lawsuit says that "...the machine’s light filter was not in the machine – where it should be – but on the floor..."

And, Brandt's laywer, John Malm, is quoted as saying that "...one employee attempted to train another on the use of the machine while Brandt was awaiting the procedure."

And then, the "..employee explained to Mrs. Brandt that she had not done the procedure before and that she ‘didn’t feel comfortable using that machine...", says Malm.

So... okay the case will go to court and the judge will sort out if anyone's legally at fault.

But I have a hard time understanding the whole scenario.

If it's true that Brandt saw equipment laying on the floor, and also that an employee told her point blank that she wasn't comfortable with the equipment, shouldn't Brandt have said something?

If she felt uncomfortable with the way the treatment was beginning, she could have just left.

Why did she stay?

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correction to post
by: John Malm

Mrs. Brandt only saw the filter on the floor when Dermatique was looking for the missing filter, after the procedure was completed and the damage done. Not during.

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