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Brazilian Wax Video - Women

If you're trying to decide whether a Brazilian bikini wax is for you, it may be helpful for you to watch a Brazilian wax video of what other's experience has been like.

As you can see below, there are a few people have been brave enough to allow themselves to be videotaped while getting a Brazilian wax treatment. Thanks to them, you'll get an appreciation for the fact that it is a pretty painful procedure (sorry).

Brazilian Wax Video # 1 ~ Video # 2 ~ Video # 3

And, you also need to keep in mind that just like any wax, it is NOT a permanent solution. Typically a Brazilian wax job will last about two to four weeks, depending on your personal growth pattern.

If you really want to maintain the Brazilian wax look, then you'll be back for another wax job to maintain it.

Another downside for some people is that you may experience ingrown hairs or red bumps. Remember, this is a sensitive area of your body, so you'll feel that more too.

You'll need to decide whether achieving 'the look' is worth it to you to commit to ongoing treatments.

If you really want the Brazilian bikini wax look, then keep a permanent hair removal technique like electrolysis in mind. At least there will be an end to the hair removal payments at one point.

Or, maybe you're thinking of the newer style of shaped pubic hair area, that has been popularized by Hollywood. If that's the case, than electrolysis allows for a much more accurate and cleaner look.

Even better, you won't need to wait for the hairs to grow in a fair bit between treatments. The electrolysis hair removal method works even when the hairs are very, very short. They just barely need to be visible!

In the meantime, while you're deciding what to do, take in these "true life" wax videos, to see what I mean....

Brazilian Wax Video

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