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I got burned from laser hair removal in Burlington

I got badly burned during my second laser hair treatment. My spot test and first treatment went fine and the results were great.

I thought my second treatment went well until 3 days later when I awoke to find dark spots (no pain or burning).

I called the Esthetician that did the treatment and went in so she could see the damage. She assured me this was common in darker skinned women, and was simply superficial burns that would not scar.

I was told to use polysporin and vitamin E. I ended up have to go to a dermatologist who told me otherwise. Some of the burns were second degree!

I was told a salon grade laser should have never have been used on my skin type (skin type 5) and was given a prescription to help prevent scarring.

Its been about 2 weeks and its healing well. I think I will only have very minor scarring, but only time will tell.

My advise (especially for anyone darker skinned) is to go to a clinic run by a dermatologist. They tend to have better equipment (equipment that can only be purchased by doctors) and if something goes wrong, help is readily available.

I did some price comparisons, the dermatologist charged almost the same amount as the Esthetician!

I paid over $300 to get burned. Don't make the same mistake as I did.

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on the other side....
by: Anonymous

There is no such thing as a medical or spa grade machine when it comes to Hair Removal. There are Diode lasers and IPL lasers, both can be purchased by regular laser clinics or doctors. Also, doctors do not do the hair removal. The hire laser technicians (same that work in spas) to do the work. Burns can happen when it comes to laser depending on your skin type, and different variables (medications, sun exposure etc). There are so many untrue things said about the laser industry by people who just arent informed. Talk to your technicians, ask what settings they are using when you are getting a test patch and make sure you listen to the technicians advice!! Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience but as a trained laser technician its not always in our control!

salon name pleae!
by: Anonymous

i would like to know the name of the salon you went to. i just purchased a package in burlington for my sister and i want to warn her if i can. please post the name. thank you

Laser burns
by: Anonymous

Please I would like to know what prescription you used to treat your burns because I'm going through tte same thing,please email me on estherwanj@ gmail.com

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