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Increase in facial hair after laser treatment

by gail
(cinnaminson nj)

You find very little written on increase in facial hair after laser treatment. Why is this devastating potential side effect not talked about more?

My girl friend has had an increase (worsening) of facial hair after laser treatment. I found very little written about this.

Only one treatment spa addressed the issue stateing there was a 50/50 chance of it getting worse when doing overall facial laser tx's.

It can actually stimulate more facial hair.

By the way she has light hair and fair skin supposedly making her a good candidate.

When she complained to the spa the woman told her it was her hormones causing the problem...how would she know without a blood test?

Comments for Increase in facial hair after laser treatment

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Facial hair and lasers
by: Anonymous

Most likely your hormones did start with a few hairs, but the laser does target said hairs. But if your hormones are out you will continue to produce hair. This happens with thyroid issues and pco issues. The doctors may say your hormones are in range, but if your producing hair then I suggest you see a endroconologist (however spelt) to see if you truly do have a problem. A simple fix may even just be the birth control pill, but it has to be the right one for you. Also the kind of laser makes a difference, depending on the colour of your skin. Ipl can do surface hairs but the deeper ones need a true laser. A diode is the best for lighter skin and for black skin a nd yag is much better. Please also note when getting treatments you need to let the technican know if your medications have changed or if you have been in the sun. Getting treatments on time also makes a difference, if you do not go in on time, you have missed your active growth cycle and it is not the laser that is not working...you need to stay on schedule or you will not get your desired results. Lasers work I have not had hair in two years. Dormant hairs can pop up in the future so a touch up may be necessary. Lasers are extremely powerful and do work wonders but we must respect them and our schedules. Everyone is unique and treatment times may vary due to your own growth don't expect it to happen in a said amount of time especially for the face. Good luck to all :)

This happened to me
by: Anonymous

This happened to me. I was considered a perfect candidate with light skin and dark hair. I'm a female and I started developing some chin whiskers in my early 20's. Suspected hormonal issues. Untreated during laser hair removal, so I don't know if that had anything to do with the outcome, but after about 6-8 treatments. The hairs became darker and I ended up with a full beard, rather than a few chin hairs and light hairs along the jawline. Very upset!

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