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Laser Hair Removal Burns leading to more lawsuits

by Anna

The National Law Journal reported that more and more people are suing due to burns from laser hair removal treatments.

While medi-spas of all types are increasingly being targetted for lawsuits, the article notes that "Laser hair removal in particular is triggering lawsuits".

In many instances, the issue seems to be that the laser hair removal practice was not supervised by a doctor, as in now required in many states.

But how realistic is that defence?

If it is the process itself has high risk of causing burns and scars, how much 'protection' can a doctor offer anyway?

For lawyers, this is a new field of specialization. There are now some lawyers who actually bill themselves as experts in this type of litigation, which gives you a big clue as to how often this is happening.

A Texas law firm that claims to specialize in personal injury claims from laser hair removal burns doesn't mince words:

"In reality, laser hair removal is a very risky procedure.....The inherent danger of laser hair removal is further compounded by the fact that these procedures are usually performed by a cosmetologist, licensed technician or some other non-physician." (my emphasis)

You can read more about the growing field of lawsuits from laser burns from this Sept 2009 online story in The National Law Journal here:
Unwanted Lawsuits Grow From Laser Hair Removal

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Hair removal
by: Anonymous

Laser hair removing is not a good practise at all. This process having a high risk of causing burns and scars. So avoid it.

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