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Laser hair removal burns story
on ABC News

Picture of extensive laser hair removal burns on legsImage Source: http://a.abcnews.go.com/images/GMA/ht_frontoflegs_070306_ssh.jpg

This image of extensive laser hair removal burns on legs was titled: "The result of a laser hair removal treatment", from an ABC News story called: "The Ugly Side of Spas".

As far as I can tell, this image is all that's left online of a story covered by ABC news about laser hair removal done in March 2007.

I'd be curious to know the rest of the story and what became of the poor woman who suffered from these burns.

If there are later in-depth stories about laser hair removal burns, I'd like to know.

They don't seem to stay online for long. I wonder why...

Comments for Laser hair removal burns story
on ABC News

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13 years later I'm still scars by laser hair removal burn.
by: Anonymous

13 years ago I got 3th degrees burn on my legs and bikini area all over very bad I am still all scarred dark pigments. I'm olive skin tone. I spent lots money trying not get scars but was deep burned. So sad!

No way again - IPL and psoriasis
by: Anonymous

Over 80% of my skin is covered by psoriasis. Was told that IPL would be ok. Wrong. Not only am I out 700 dollars, where the laser was used reacted badly with my psoriasis, causing it to intensify in that area, along with leaving a bunch of hideous rectangle shaped burns.

burn after two sessions
by: Anonymous

I have laser hair removal full body for two sessions. I experienced de-pigmntation after two weeks of the second session. I got white ugly patches all over my body including my face.
I do not know what should I do?
The technician who did the procedure would not believe the problem could be the side effect of laser hair removal.
could it possible to stimulate repigmentation?

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