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My laser hair removal experience

by Anon

This was my laser hair removal experience with Wellsprings Spa in Richmond Hill:

This place was absolutely horrible. I had purchased a package of 6 sessions for full body laser hair removal. The cost was $3000.

I went in for my first session. The lady was very impatient. She went really fast and went over each area once (I later found out, there are supposed to go over it twice).

There was one part of my body that was really important to me to receive laser, and she said she will do it next time. She rushed through the entire procedure.

My face took a total of 5 minutes. The pain was absolutely unbearable. When she did my face I could feel the laser on my teeth.

She did not care that I had just spent $3000.

When I called to complain to the owner, she said sorry there is no refund and I can take my business elsewhere.

They are disgusting, rude and completely unprofessional. Even though I put a down payment of $1000, I am not going back.

There was one point where she didn't put any cooling gel and continued to do the laser.

A doctor had informed me that an old laser machine will cause intense pain.

Always do your research, and don't trust companies that want you to pay cash...........

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Alexandrite laser
by: Anonymous

I did 5 treatments of ALEXANDRITE LASER and I triod Diode prior, THE DIODE laser IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL, EVEN WITH COOLING GEL..Now I need to finish but i am too tanned so have to wait til jan or feb oh well, not getting burned, I AM FAIR SKINNED, had bad black hair on thighs, underarms, face..It was thick,, anyway My face and mid neck and mustache and lower chin had 8 treatments and wala, i am hair free, except maybe 2%.VERY HAPPY W? RESULTS, this hair will not grow back my dermatogist/plastic surgeon doctor says, and it's not... I have 2-3 treatments left of 8 on my chest (boobs) and underarms, and they have fine hair, 2% and arpits really none. This stuff works, it hurts, my bikin I had bared and love it, after about 5 treatments with alexandrite and 1 with diode, it will be done after 2 more treat..4-5 % hair left. This is embarrasing, I have a Nurse do it Recommend in atlanta WIFI Great place. PRICE PAID was $5500 (had rear done too and 2 times on my lower legs/feet)Get it done by a dr's office, make sure they know what they are doing, DO NOT USE DIODE LASER(unless you are not fair skinned and have to)

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