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Waste of my Money
(Laser Hair Removal)

I had a 2 year laser hair removal treatment at the Hair free laser clinic at the Bramalea City Centre, Brampton.

Sad to say I spent thousands of dollars and honestly no results. It kills me to see the ad looking so appealing and honest and it is not really.

Comments for Waste of my Money
(Laser Hair Removal)

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Shreen & Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Perhaps if you did more research prior to your treatments you would have realistic expectations. Also Hairfree uses an Nd Yag (which is a REAL laser) and an IPL which is not. It is Intense Pulsed Light. If you have hormonal issues (and if you have excessive hair that's a good probability) then you could be doing laser for the rest of your life like me. I've tried 5 laser over 9 years. Still doing it. Sorry you're sour Shreen and Anonymous you should do more homework before you just shoot off your mouth and try to ruin someone's business. I go to Scarborough's location and I like it there.

ripe off by hair free laser at brameale city centre
by: shreen

I paid for 2 years of treatment with Zero results and I would like everyone in similar boat to please contact me at Navkom@gmail.com. Me be we can all do something about it.

by: Anonymous

that sucks

Hairfree centre sucks
by: Emanuella

Hi there,

Im so sorry to hear that you havent had results with your treatments. Id just like to clarify one thing though, the Hairfree Centre are falsely advertising! Their machine is SPL (squared pulsed light) which is basically a natural filtered light NOT a laser. I don't know how they are allowed to advertise as laser when their machine is clearly not one! Ive been treated with Candela Gentlelase, which is a true medical graded laser by Evolution Laser Clinic and my results have been fantastic! The type of machine your being treated with as well as the experience of the technician will greatly determine how effective your treatment will be. I strongly advice you to opt for medical grade laser, you will never look back.

xox peace xox

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